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ID Card Recorder, A200-DVR.

Click picture for specifications.

Attendant side       Customer side


This Driver's License Recorder is a Digital Video Recorder built to take high resolution CCTV pictures of both the customer (visitor) and their ID card (driver's license.) The system can be used for recording Age verification and ID card pictures. It has two internal high resolution color CCTV cameras and a high resolution CCTV event recorder. One of the video cameras is an identification card camera and the other is an ultra high resolution CCTV camera for customer pictures. Customers purchase this camera system to aid with check cashing and merchandise return to reduce fraud risk.

  ID Picture     Visitor (Customer) Picture

The system costs less than installing a complete high resolution CCTV system and will capture and store images of the visitor (customer) and their ID card for future retrieval and evidence. Pictures are stored on removable Mini SD cards. Click here for PRICING.

One side of the A200-DVR will face the Attendant. The Attendant will insert the customer's ID card and remove the card as instructed.

The store manager will insert and remove the Mini SD memory card for computer storage and viewing, as per instructions.

The other side of the unit will face the customer and acquired high resolution color pictures of the customer through a clear plastic viewing slot.

Key Benefits

  • Records 640 x 480 TV line color pictures onto a Mini SD card.
  • High resolution color pictures are captured of the customer and of the ID card (Driver's license.)
  • Programmable recording speed from 10 FPS to 1 picture every 5 minutes.
  • At high resolution, 1 FPS, ten seconds of recording (10 pictures of customer and ID card), and 50 events per day the card will hold almost three months of pictures.
  • PC based playback software is included.
  • Event recording is triggered by inserting an ID card into the card slot.
  • Post event recording is programmable. This allows you to determine how many pictures of the ID card and the customer you want to record.
  • Recorded pictures can be archived onto a PC computer running Windows XP or Vista.
  • A remote control (Clicker) is supplied to allow the manager to easily arm and disarm the recorder.
  • The recorder can be programmed to "beep" when the system is disarmed or the card slot is empty.
  • Cellular communications is available for picture transmission.
  • The unit can be connected to a LAN or internet for remote control and picture transmission.
  • The remote control or a panic button can be used for "snapshot activation".
  • For Specifications click on A200-DVR Specs.
  1. A200-DVR includes: 1- A200-DVR, Security mounting screws, 1- 4 GB Mini SD card and SD adapter, 1- Matching USB card reader, 1- Wireless remote for arming & disarming (security code protected), Initial factory programming, Setup instructions.
  2. 4 GB Mini SD Card, includes SD adapter.
  3. Matching USB card reader, compatible with computer USB ports. PC computer


Description Model Price
A200-DVR w Factory Programming A200-DVR $2,100.00
A200-DVR w built-in cell phone A200-DVR-Cell Call
4 GB Mini SD card with SD adapter DVR-MiniSD $42.00
Matching USB card reader DVR-SDRDR $15.00


Our Mission

Eye-D Cam products have been manufactured in the U.S. since 2002 by Access & Video Integration Corporation. We produce several styles of ID card cameras used for management and security purposes. A network of qualified installation contractors, located throughout the USA is available for installing complete CCTV surveillance systems. Let us know what your needs are. A complete list of our installing dealers are included.

Contact Information

For general information, sales, or support use the following contact information.

Contact Information

Contact: Dan Schumaker

(888) 820-8318 (Toll Free)

(765) 807-2916
(765) 807-5498
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681 North 36th Street, Lafayette, IN 47905
Electronic mail [Be sure to remove the space before the "@" when sending Email.]
General Information: dan @eyedcam.com
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Customer Support:    dan @eyedcam.com

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